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It’s Okay to Press the Reset Button

Sometimes our biggest flaw as humans is that we give up too early and restart & reset too late.

We normally plan and create a new schedule at the beginning of the year, and sometimes we don’t follow through and sometimes we fail and get stuck.

My year has drastically change to how I had planned out for it.

Now looking at the current state of things, it’s clear that I need to reset and adjust.

Today, not even month end or start of the week, decided to create a new work schedule.

My schedule breaks down my day in 30min intervals from 08:00am to 23:00pm.

Every half hour is accounted for, Mazibuko Motors – Every aspect and department, Exercise, lunch, bath, reading, and etc…

Waiting for till of June, or this month could’ve been too late, you don’t like something, then do something about it, now!

There’s nothing wrong with pressing the reset button, the key is knowing when to.

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