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Interesting Numbers About Coding

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No matter which direction the world goes and the problems that face us.

It’s apparent that coding is still an essential skill that’s huge and that we all will continue to be in great demand.

As a self-taught coder, I came across some data from the Stack Overflow Developer Survey of 2021.

And the first piece of amazing data is that most young coders learned to code online.

“It is no surprise that almost 60% of respondents learned how to code from online resources. Younger respondents tend to learn from online courses, forums, and other online resources. Older respondents, on the other hand, learned from more traditional mediums like school and books”

Learning how to code – Stack Overflow

This piece of data shows how the internet is revolutionizing information and how with access to it we can have more people get into coding.

While that may be though, the most troubling stat is that over 90% of coders identity as a man, 3% are Black or of African descent.

So while there’s access to learning how to code, it’s still not yet much of an inclusive industry we would like it to be and hopefully, we can help make it more diverse.

Next week I will be opening up a survey to see many kids would love to get involved in coding and how we can help them.

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