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How to Talk About Climate Change

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We need to change how we talk about climate change, this doom and gloom, Armageddon is near way of going at it, is not working.

Global warming was once a hot topic that, we would constantly hear about and reminded that Durban and Cape Town would be under the sea by the year 20-something.

So did people respond? this shut out all the depressing noise out and went on with their lives. So policymakers, scientists, and we as entrepreneurs have to change how the way talk about climate change.

Instead of always talking about dying polar bears and guilt-tripping people let’s move to an action-based strategy.

Let’s educate and talk about going green, how swapping to energy-efficient appliances can save you on your electricity bill, how can having solar panels installed can help you save further and protect you from the unpredictability of the national grid while actually lowering emissions.

At Mazibuko Motors, we have chosen an approach that tackles mobility in an action based way.

We would love it if people carpooled, traveled less, and drive more energy-efficient cars to lower emissions and better yet, drive electric cars.

But we don’t want people to give the big pick-ups and SUVs that they love so much. So we instead developed a battery electric vehicle that is more powerful than any other pick-up available, has more torque, quicker from the start, and smart with self-driving capabilities.

The key is not to scare people but offer than action-based solutions that actually benefit them as well.

Inspired by a YouTube video first published by Vox.

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