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How I’m Trying to Get Lucky

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It’s no secret by now that I believe that in order to be successful in my endeavors I have to be lucky at certain periods in my life. Ask any successful person or follow their story and you’ll see a pattern of luck popping up.

Most people don’t like to acknowledge this because it’s really difficult to quantify luck but I think there’s a way of increasing your chances of being lucky.

My first one is working as hard as I can. I acknowledge the fact that I might not be the only one working a certain idea and even if I am, going public with it might give others the courage to go for it as well. You can’t control what others do but you can control what you do and the amount of work you put in. I promote a healthy balanced lifestyle but I am at a point where I work 14hrs a day every day, there’s no substitute for smart focused hard work and the harder you work the closer you get to hitting the jackpot.

Secondly is positioning myself in areas where I think luck might strike. This through interacting with people whom I think can have an impact on me getting lucky. There’s no point in wanting to win South African Idols but you auditioning for Iron Chef, try to be in the right places and move in the relevant spaces.

Ultimately being lucky is out of our hands and there’s no way of telling if whether you will be or not, but all we can do is control the parts that play a role in being lucky.

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