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How I Wasted A Year of My Company’s Growth

Well, the answer to the question on the title is bad a hire.

I took someone onto our team after they promised to help us get to a certain stage and help with investor relations and growth.

Well after a couple of months it was clear that they weren’t going to offer anything new or what I wasn’t already doing or knew.

But time had already passed, around 3-4 months.

We parted ways due to the lack of delivery which thank goodness the contract was based on that.

I then had to start over around August and search for alternatives the outside person was supposed to bring.

It took me an even further 4months to find the right strategy, partners, and way forward.

By this time resources to go after this new strategy had been depleted and had to start over again which took another 5 months.

But now we are ready to go for everything, it’s a full-frontal attack, land, air, and sea. We all have a pincer movement going and leaving nothing to chance.

I’m excited about the coming week, month, and the rest of the year.

Have a lekker weekend everyone, love is love.

DAY 3/30

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