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Hopefully, We Will Be Better

Today I was doing an interview with a friend who is doing her master’s on “Black Tech Entrepreneurs In South Africa.”

(A huge honour to be part of that by the way 🙏🏿)

And after the long talk we had, she asked me to conclude and what would I’d like to add and I just said…

“Hopefully, We Will Be Better”

It’s hard for young black tech entrepreneurs to get funding, get in the right channels, connections, and other crucial information to make it in South Africa.

But while it might be hard for us, my hope is that we could pave the way and in the future be able to guide the next crop of young black tech founders.

To have the ability to fund, support, and mentor even if all they have is just an idea because at the end of the day that’s where we all start, with just an idea

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