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Hacking Your Brain to Being Happy

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In 2013 I had amassed an amount of R1200 in library fees for one overdue book and the book? Yes, You Can: 1,200 Inspiring Ideas for Work, Home, and Happiness.

And I could probably write another book just from that one book.

But I won’t, I want to share the simplest hack I saw on one page, how to fool yourself into being happy.

In summary, it said, always respond to the question of how are you as if you’re already happy.

So when someone asks, always reply with “Great!”, “Marvelous!” etc…

And what happens more often than not, is that you end up feeling that way.

Firstly, saying or texting “Great!”, requires that momentary moment of feeling or acting like that.

And then, you get an overwhelming feeling of gratitude which tricks your brain into thinking that you are great and happy and you build from that.

Sometimes, happiness and joy are nothing but a conscious choice to be.

Have a GREAT Weekend everyone, love is love…

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