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Grab it, and Run!

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By the second half of 1941, the German army was well into Russia and had taken over the city of Smolensk.

With this city captured, Moscow was the next city and the German army to grasp hold of Russia.

But then, Adolf Hilter made the decision to redirect the Panzer Army to Kyiv to help out captured that city and once it fell, they continued to charge towards Moscow.

By this heavy rain fell and the poor road infrastructure in Russia meant they got bogged down by mud.

When winter came and the mud hardened, soldiers who were meant to have reached Moscow before winter suffered from the extreme cold temperatures as they didn’t have winter clothing.

Weather defeated them before the Red Army could.

The chance was there for the German Army to take over Moscow but the hesitation and deviation meant that was not to be.

(Disclaimer: I don’t not in any way support the German Army lead by Hilter), The lesson here is obvious when you have a chance or opportunity at something when that thing is right in front of you…

Just grab it, and run!

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