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Good Is A Matter of Numbers, Not Quality & High Standards

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I was going to write about something else but a topic that has been in my head for years just begged me to shine some light on it.

See, something being deemed good or worthy is not a matter of high standards and quality but popularity and numbers.

Herd mentality controls our perception of whether something is good or not.

I always used to recommend music to a friend and not only after when they had heard the song/music in the general public would they approve of it.

And this is how society works.

We hardly ever find music that only we personally love, irrespective of the artist but we want only music that others love too.

Same reason why after you’ve watched a great video on Youtube you rush to the comments to see if it’s really good or not based on what others think.

Even with investors, VCs will say “Shop the idea around first, or what does the media say? Do you have any traction? etc…”

Basically, they are saying that are waiting for outside validation first and not able to make that decision themselves.

Now, I know that nothing is more important than the market but sometimes the market doesn’t know what it wants until it gets it.

I saw a guy on David Dobrik’s(vlogger) video who said he was homeless until David used his song in his video.

I’m pretty sure people had heard the song before but it wasn’t until David used it giving the impression of “Hey, I David, love and approve of this song”.

And guess what? The song became a popular hit.

Yes, we may have to consider the audience reach but even with already famous songs, we see someone we hold in high regard share a certain song or product then we rush to get it again.

Good is not about real quality and high standards but all about perception, popularity, and numbers.

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