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Foreword: 2021 Mission & Goals

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We are living in times when all that’s needed from us is doing what’s right not what’s easy. A time when we stand up against everything that’s wrong despite how impossible the mission may seem.

This company and the mission it serves is really one of the hardest ones any organization can undertake. The challenges are great and yes we might see more around the world taking the same journey but for ours, considering our location with reference to the rest of the globe, it’s truly unheard of.

But we believe that what we doing is necessary as we’ve seen from the partnerships we’ve formed, the team we have, including those who offer us the little time they have to help us finally bring a South African EV to market.

Our mission is greater than us or than just building a South African electric vehicle. We are driven by the goal of speeding up the world’s transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to those that are emission-free.

The fight against global warming and the use of our finite resources is no longer a problem of the distant future but a threat of today. We all have to come together and change the trajectory of human civilization and how we use energy and transportation.

I hope this document serves as an insight into our organization, our commitment to transparency, and help us make you part of our overall mission.

That’s my foreword from the Mazibuko Motors 2020/21 information sheet, this includes every update, mission, and goal for this year.

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