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F*cked Up Legacy

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Philipe Coutinho was a Liverpool player with loads of potential.

He was at the club for over 5 years but really hit his stride in the last 18 months or so there.

And then he decided that he wanted to fulfill his childhood dream of playing for FC Barcelona.

And then all the potential and legacy was gone. He flopped and faded away(currently playing for Villa)

As a Liverpool fan who followed his career and knew he would struggle there and was happy that I was right and leaving Liverpool was a bad mistake BUT!

I get it, Coutinho is me and I am him.

He just wanted to push life to the limit and live out his wildest dreams…

And explore and see what’s out there and he did ey.

Failure or not. Coutinho is a risk-taker we all should strive to be.

He rolled the die got a bad number but still took the chance most of us wouldn’t.

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