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Casey Neistat said excuses are exactly like arseholes, everybody’s got them but no one wants to hear about yours.

In the past week, I’ve been thinking and wondering why there isn’t much black representation in the South African economy, the international tech, and venture capital space.

I started asking some of my close friends this and we went on about discussing it. What I found is something I already knew and have had experienced first hand.

As black people, we face more obstructions to reach certain levels of success, unlike other races. But the sad reality is that we use those obstructions as excuses to not even try or start.

They will always be obstructions that stand between you and your goals & dreams. They might not always be systematic, sometimes they could procrastination, friends, etc… It’s up to you though to fight through those to get where you want to be or fail to even try and use those obstructions as excuses.

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