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Everything We Know About Life Does Happen, Just Not In the Order We Expect

Everything we know and expect from life does and will happen, the only difference is that it doesn’t happen in the order we expect.

People pass away but sometimes, parents bury their kids.

We have kids before getting married and the people we have them with move on to find partners they’ll spend the rest of their lives with.

Acceptance is much more common earlier on in life, and rejection a familiar friend later on.

We only find the right career for ourselves after trying out 3 or 4.

Best friendships come from the people we least expect and far later in life.

We sometimes experience true happiness and appreciation of life after going through great grief.

Life is chaotic, messy and nothing goes according to human plan. It’s all beyond us.

But everything does happen, ours is to trust that it will happen and then free ourselves from the worry and stress of when.

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