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Due Diligence

There are different kinds of entrepreneurs and people go into business for different reasons. But for those who are really passionate about the project they starting and in it for the long haul with a mission to make a real difference, who you get into bed with is very important.

It’s hard to grow a company organically and most of the time some start-up capital in needed. In those cases, it’s important to make sure that you do your Due Diligence in looking up the investors you want to join your project.

You have to make sure that their ethical, trustworthy, are they dumb money or going to help you grow your vision and get you through those high-level decisions.

It’s important to look them up as they do you, read up on them, ask former partners and colleagues about them, and then interview them as they do you. We spend so much time worrying about finding the “perfect” co-founder, the guy you starting the company with, and forget that the type of investor you get is just as important.

People get kicked out of their companies, get diluted to nothing, and end up working for the company they started all because they didn’t do their due diligence. Don’t make that mistake.

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