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Don’t Mess With A Winning Formula

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When a programmer gets in the zone, she gets into the ultimate level of focus and productivity, she’s able to solve complex problems.

This usually goes on for hours and sometimes you just find that form for weeks and months on end. Being able to sit down and immediately get into the zone every single day.

To be able to achieve this, you go through a lot of personal trial and error trying to find the best combination of elements within your environment that you can leverage to get the most out of yourself.

Once the formula is found and starts to work like magic, you don’t mess with it or change it until it’s exhausted and doesn’t work anymore.

You don’t get too confident and introduce other elements that might take away from your productivity like watching TV shows when wearing headsets with rock music playing worked best.

You only introduce new elements to improve the formula and make it better. When football manager find the perfect team for his system, he only adds and introduce players that will strengthen the team and push in to new heights but he doesn’t change the whole squad expecting the same results.

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