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Document What I’m Becoming

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Sizwe Phakathi and I in 2012 while students at the University of Johannesburg, had(his) an idea of building a platform that universities would use(Can’t really say in detail because probably still under an NDA lol).

We were set to be co-founders but school work, studying different courses and later different living situations meant that was never to be.

There’s something he said that still resonates with me. In the early days during our numerous early and late-night meetings in res and the student center, he said: “Krabs, we have to document everything, when you building something great, you have to document it because people will want to know how it all came to be”.

And that was true then and it’s much more relevant now, there’s so much that we go through as founders, especially lone founders that needs documenting. The lonely days, working 120hours, getting backstabbed, left by people you love, and deemed crazy by your peers.

You have to document everything despite the outcome. If you fail then it becomes a great lesson for others to learn from your mistakes and pick up where you left off and when you succeed then you give others the perfect unfiltered playbook of what it takes to build something great.

These blog posts document my daily thoughts, moods, and experiences but not in detail. I hope soon I can document more, if not to share immediately but later on.

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