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Dilution Is Real

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Dilution is real and it’s really sad when early investors who believe in a company, product, idea, and most importantly the entrepreneur from the start get diluted to nothing before the organization goes anywhere.

I’ve been thinking about how to protect our early investors, people who believe in us and want to see us achieve great things and change the world.

One of the key values I’m trying to take from my personal life and instill in my companies is integrity, transparency, and loyalty.

As Mazibuko Motors draws close to unveiling its battery-electric pick-up, we are trying to figure out the best practices of being transparent with our investors, potential consumers, and the general public.

We want to protect investors who take part in the seed round from dilution, offer employees great stock options and be loyal to both while putting our consumer’s interests first. Sounds crazy right? Well, we are dedicated to making it all possible and real.

Lastly, we promise to treat every investor in our organization with fairness respect, and loyalty despite the amount they put in.

I know these are important to me and I felt that I had to write them all down to cement it and let it be known. Corporations can be more than profit-driven machines but living organizations that have a deep-rooted mission to bring positive change to the planet, humans and serve all stakeholders involved with equal love and passion.

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