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Defences Win Titles – Fundamentals of Playing in the Big Leagues

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In football, it’s a common saying that “goals win games and defences win championships”. The thing about defence though is that it’s not only about keeping the opponent out or sitting back, it’s about getting the fundamentals and foundation right.

Smart coaches know that you should always start with the defence of the team first and then build from there. This applies to our lives as well, we have to begin everything with solid foundations of proper planning, a quiet still mind, and discipline.

Once those values are set then we build on top with them with the actual work, putting in hours, releasing our MVP(minimum viable product), and telling the world “Hey, this is me and this is what I do”.

It’s never a good idea to go for big goals and ambitions(championships) when we haven’t nailed our fundamentals first. Start there and build from it. Like I’ve said before, always go back to first principle.

You can’t play in the big leagues with a shaky foundation. Those who are weak mentally get eat up and become nothing but protein or roadkill to the big boys. Think about it.

Have a great end to the month, I hope November is step up from October and we build and grow more. I love you all.

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