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Cooperate or Defect

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Cooperate or defect - Nhlanhla Mazibuko

With a title such as cooperate or defect, you might think that I am going to talk about Game Theory but it both is and isn’t the topic today.

I want to discuss, the opposing pieces of advice that I received, Last week Friday(writing this on a Wednesday) which I have only come to a choice and conclusion of today.

So firstly, the problem statement: I find myself in a situation where things are stuck and sometimes must be done to help incentivise certain people.

So, the first piece of advice is that I should pretend to cooperate and then later defect once I get what I want.

The second one is straight, defect, go to war, raise hell and show my opponent who am I.

But then in Game Theory(only a reference, relax) the players who always cooperate almost always win the game.

And now, sealing off my day, I must say, that full-on cooperation seems like the best option for winning, and that’s the play we definitely going to make on this one.

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