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Connecting Your Own Dots

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Life can look and feel like a series of random events, flying past us at the speed of light, and in a single blink, it’s all gone.

When you in your early 20’s it is even more confusing and seems to go around in an endless loop containing a series of failures.

But if you curious enough and have no fear, you try yourself out with a number of projects, you learn things you don’t know or how they will benefit you one day.

You start companies, in media, technology, engineering, and even entertainment with nightclubs. With each comes a lesson, a skill, and an experience you can’t put a price on.

And sometimes life stops, with no forward movement, you find yourself in limbo. This is usually the best time to learn graphic design, writing, reading, learning about web development and coding, video editing, etc…

You learn and pick up all these skills to pass time but some end up being what build your work on and get yourself out of the state of limbo.

But all it comes in full circle when you finally find what you were meant to do, all the failures, heartbreaks that gave you a thick skin, random skills you picked, and every life event that seemed like a random event doesn’t anymore when you look back and you start to see all the dots connects and all lead to this very moment in your life.

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