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Community Round? Yep! | Any Given Friday

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The past year has been weird because what seemed to be something straightforward ended needed a lot of improvisation and adjusting of sails.

My old man always says that life never goes how you want but eventually you get there.

And right he was, it might not seem like we were working hard behind the scenes at Mazibuko Motor Company but we were.

And after months of frustrations, the long waiting, and, and, and etc…

We have at least achieved one of our major goals which are to offer the public a chance to invest in our company.

And not only that, we have been able to push forward with new partnerships from government, development and manufacturing companies.

There’s so much we are doing and involved in that we will be announcing something every Friday from today 26th of August till the 9th December.

The Any Given Friday campaign is exciting and looking forward to sharing all my work and more with everyone in the coming three months.

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