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Common Goal

Sharing is a common goal is underrated and yet it has the power to combine people of different ages, gender, and races.

During the early days of World War II, Stalin was fighting against the allied forces and in June of 1941, he joined them after Hitler launched an attack on Russia. Soldiers who once fought against one another were now fighting side by side against the force that wanted to eliminate them.

Today that force is climate change, and a number of brave people who are not willing to sit and wait to see our planet destroyed are doing something about it.

A group of people with a common goal are coming together to discuss the rapid technological developments in terms of fast charging, improved electric vehicle range, design, and integration.

This is the E-Mobility Congress of South Africa, an event where thought leaders of South Africa need to come together and discuss the roaring issues SA faces and what possible solutions are. 

I’ll be speaking at the event discussing “The 4th Industrial revolution and the EV opportunities. South Africa has a strong car manufacturing industry of ICE and employs hundreds of thousands of people. With the world shifting to BEV’s, kicking starting the nations EV manufacturing industry is vital and gives promise of economic growth and job creation”

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