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Carlito’s Way

Carlito’s Way is classic 1993 movie starring Al Pacino, who plays a career criminal Carlito Brigante.

Carlito is released from prison after serving 5 years of 30 year sentence, thanks to a technicality.

What has always been of interest to me is Carlito wanting to retire from his criminal ways because he feels tired of it all.

This is an idea I’ve found fascinating and explored for a while now and have found it to be true(I’ve studied four criminals though, two retired two still ongoing).

Prison hardly changes people or make them want to change, but the person themselves just have this deep feeling of fatigue.

Beyond criminals, this sometimes includes cheating, excessive drinking, drugs etc…

Sometimes change can’t be forced on us, we just found ourselves right at rock bottom, and without the energy, we’ve always had to pull ourselves out of it.

Once you realize that this is your last chance to do right or you just don’t have the fight and energy to keep going how you always have. That’s when real change begins, you feel in your bones and no amount of motivational speaking, books, or this blog can give you.

Intrinsic drive is to change is the best one there is.

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