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Capitalism is the Ultimate Equalizer and, That’s Why I Love It

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Very few things have a wide spread bad reputation like Capitalism.

Even some people who don’t like it don’t fully understand it.

For me personally I love it because it’s the ultimate equalizer.

It gives a chance to a boy who grew up in a township to dream and build a multi-billion Rand company.

It doesn’t care about race or background, you get out what you put it.

Yes it’s not perfect and it has went the wrong way in the past 5 decades but with a new breed of entrepreneur who are pushing social capitalism we are seeing companies that are mission driven.

They care about taking care of the communities they operate in, they give back, they use operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We don’t need to abolish capitalism, just refine it and make it serve us and the planet we live in.

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