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Building Publicly

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I’ve written about transparency and its importance before.

This blog and most parts of this website are a means of that.

A way for me to share my work, journey, and private thoughts.

But that’s not enough as most parts of the job are done by closed doors and hard to write or narrate.

A few years back I remember listening to a podcast StartUp by Gimlet Media and it was sort of a reality show about starting and building the company.

This was and still is a genius idea not for building connections with others but to really be transparent and carry everyone through your journey.

I’ve always wanted to do something similar but never really took it on or knew what I would share.

But now with people getting wary of what’s happening with Mazibuko Motors, I think a reality podcast could be a great idea.

This would help keep people updated, even though no newsletters have been coming, and to let them and other investors and supporters closer into the building of the company.

For now, this is still in the early stages, and will announce more details soon.

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