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Celebrating The Small Wins

Keeping motivation and energy levels high is no easy thing to achieve. Old projects end or fail and we start new ones. In order to keep going and motivated with the new projects, it’s important to keep celebrating the milestones and growth in every step.… Read More »Celebrating The Small Wins

Stick To Your Audience

J. Cole said “You can’t be everything to everybody” in Dreamville’s Sacrifice song. Even though the context is not the same as this post, there are no lies in that sentence. When creating a product, service or just building your own personal brand, it’s really… Read More »Stick To Your Audience

Will It End Though?

We get shocked when we see videos and stories of injustice against others. We expect things to change and be better because, hey we live in a different time right? Well, we don’t. Not much has changed and this has been building up for some… Read More »Will It End Though?