Picking Sides

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In life, we always picking sides whether deliberately or not. We make enemies while at the same time forming ties with allies. It’s important for us to learn how our actions can affect others and that the slightest of actions can be a declaration of… Read More »Picking Sides

Being Black

Being black means you start at the end of the grind with a 10 seconds penalty while driving the slowest car. You’re told you’re lazy and should work hard and create your own market and when you do they burn it down. TWhen you create… Read More »Being Black

What You Really Mean

It’s difficult getting through what you really mean over text. Decks, spec documents, and even numbers don’t always get the point across right. Maybe we need to learn to write better and use more visuals or people need to be given a face-to-face chance.

Deterioration of Character

Deterioration of character happens slow and in small increments. We don’t completely go out of character in one go, it’s a result of the small changes we see in ourselves and choose to ignore. Thinking you are still in our while things keep going south… Read More »Deterioration of Character


Listen to it, if never lies or lead you astray. Your gut feeling is the only person who has your best interest at heart.