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Let 2024 be different: A blueprint for Business owners to bulletproof themselves from burnout

As a business owner — be it a startup, in the funding phase, scaling, or successfully launching your business — you are no stranger to the demands and pressures of running your business. However, with the start of a new year, funding cycle or business… Read More »Let 2024 be different: A blueprint for Business owners to bulletproof themselves from burnout

Keep Your Solutions…

As entrepreneurs, we are tired, sizwile futhi sikhathale. I’ve been doing this for years, took courses, and learned the dos and don’t from trial and error. I don’t want to be part of an accelerator, incubators, online courses, database lists etc… All I need is… Read More »Keep Your Solutions…

Why You, Not Me?

Why you, not me? That’s the thought that’s the thought that goes through people around you when you start being happy and start winning. People will say they love you and they do but only if you stay in your lane and you’re loser and… Read More »Why You, Not Me?

Damn, I Don’t Know

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Damn, I don’t know why are you asking how God works. I praise, pray, worship and try to live how He wants me to but I fail and yet His mercy never fails. He has taken away my doubts, anxiety, and fears. He continues to… Read More »Damn, I Don’t Know

The Pursuit of Suffering

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We sometimes choose and chase things that bring us nothing but suffering. We chase them in the hope that they will bring us happiness, peace and joy. We create expectations in our heads of how finally conquering them will make us feel, we live with… Read More »The Pursuit of Suffering

Know Yourself

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I Am Him, that’s what I have seen the cool crowd call it here on the internet. To me? Simple, I Know Myself. Knowing yourself is sometimes very important and we tend to forget that, we forget the work we’ve done, the impact and what… Read More »Know Yourself

Fear Can Breed Loyalty

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Sometimes when they know who are and what you are about, that alone can keep everyone in check. Fear of who you know, and what you can do, can force people to be loyal to you. Of course, this is the extreme version and outcome… Read More »Fear Can Breed Loyalty

Reaching Out

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Asking for help is one of the hardest things to do. Having people to ask for help from, who won’t judge and just be there for you no matter what is rare. The challenge though is that if we knew how much people actually wanted… Read More »Reaching Out

Bonding Through Our Flaws

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Never underestimate the bonding power of exposing our flaws, weaknesses and darkness that we can have on relationships. Sometimes when people see that we are just as messed up, corrupt and trying to find ourselves they open up and find it easier to relate to… Read More »Bonding Through Our Flaws