Summer of Krabs

Summer Of Krabs

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What’s the summer of Krabs? Glad you asked. The Summer of Krabs is the Summer of me, starting 15th  October ending 15th January. This Summer is all about me, I’ve spent all my summers doing what wanted to do, going where they want to go,… Read More »Summer Of Krabs

The Disappointment Loop

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The thing about disappointment is that it’s almost impossible to not experience it. Almost every life experience is tightly linked to it, for as long as we live and attach our lives to the lives of others we open ourselves to it. We can avoid… Read More »The Disappointment Loop

Grab it, and Run!

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By the second half of 1941, the German army was well into Russia and had taken over the city of Smolensk. With this city captured, Moscow was the next city and the German army to grasp hold of Russia. But then, Adolf Hilter made the… Read More »Grab it, and Run!

Series 2, Baby!!!

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The blog is back and with much better content. Series 2 will have podcasts and vlogs, it’s gonna be fun. Posts will be random for the most part but they will be of great quality. Thank you for reading along for over a year.

Why Care?

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It’s okay to not want to prove anything to anyone. Take a break for yourself, disappear without any announcements or care. We care way too much about other’s approval and that’s not healthy for our mental health.

Njenge Ndoda

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Njenge Ndoda… You have to put the family first Njenge Ndoda… You woman and kids first Njenge Ndoda… You have to wake up early to go get that bread Njenge Ndoda… You have to suppress your feelings and stay strong Njenge Ndoda… You have to… Read More »Njenge Ndoda