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Everything Plastic

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So today I saw a couple of guys sitting behind a bakkie and behind them was scrap metal that they had collected. In the back, there was an old washing machine and I thought of our old washing machine and how it was mostly metal… Read More »Everything Plastic

Why Not Wait

Why rush into things when the dust hasn’t settled yet? When your ducks aren’t lined up and your army is fully ready for war. Getting in battles prematurely simply because of emotions always ends badly. Maybe, just maybe we should retreat, regroup, and go back… Read More »Why Not Wait

Forms of Payment

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There are different kinds of payment in business. Everything is negotiable and the first thing asked isn’t always the one to go for. And for a start-up without capital but on the rise, equity is gold.

A Second Pair of Eyes

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A second pair of eyes never hurts, whether in writing a science paper, blog, design, code or financials. What always seems perfect may have an error or can always be better. Ask someone to go over work is not a weakness but a strength that… Read More »A Second Pair of Eyes