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The Business of Familiarity

Giving universities software for students to use for free always has his perks and the return investment are gold. Like how cement companies would have events for civil engineering students, tell them about the company, and wine and dine them. Guess which supplier they’ll most… Read More »The Business of Familiarity

Unlikely Plug

We always expect and look at people we know, close to and within our network to open doors for us. Which that might be true but after a while of doing the same thing, it’s vital to know that maybe that won’t be the case.… Read More »Unlikely Plug

Why Trees Suck So Much

Trees are amazing for many things, balancing ecosystems, aesthetics, and the awesome summer shade. But unfortunately, we can’t view them as our saviours anymore when it comes to removing the carbon in our atmosphere. The problem is that if we want to remove the carbon… Read More »Why Trees Suck So Much

Scrub Scrub Scrub

With time, bacteria attach themselves everywhere. It’s always important to scrub it off, clean, wash, cleanse and scrub it off. And with that, here’s today’s model. Kitchen Sink

Debts Always Get Paid

A debt never expires, go bad pr out of fashion. As long we still live, debts have to be paid. And sadly sometimes those get inherited by the benefactors of the estate, so either way… Debts Have To Be Paid. Today’s Model is this Glass… Read More »Debts Always Get Paid


Like our homes, cars, garages, or any physical space, our minds need to declutter. We find ourselves with many things and items that we don’t necessarily need. Things occupy our time and distract us from doing what we are meant to. So it’s important to… Read More »Decluttering