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Being Black

Being black means you start at the end of the grind with a 10 seconds penalty while driving the slowest car.

You’re told you’re lazy and should work hard and create your own market and when you do they burn it down.

TWhen you create opportunities for yourself, as a young 8-year-old, you get abused and attacked by old for trying to race and compete.

And when you raise these issues you’re told you are not being fair because every race matters.

Being black in this world is tough, you really get dealt the worse cards at the table.

This post is inspired by Lewis Hamilton, the 7 Time F1 World Champion who said when he won his seventh title all the abuse he and his father got on the race track came back to him and all the sacrifices and what it took to be here. Lewis is an inspiration to us all black people and though understand how much they will try to shut us out, we will persevere no matter what.

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