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Be Anything You Want To Be Except CEO

When you’re a CEO you’re like the parent of the entire company.

You’re the last stop, everyone looks to you to make things happen.

You have to make sure that the team has every resource they need to thrive and do their best work.

You have to protect them from the dangers of the outside world while making sure that you making the best possible decisions that will stir your entire household to success, sometimes just survival.

While this is better than parenting because you get to choose your kids but there’s still no telling how they will come out.

While the team can just enjoy and work on the immediate work, you spend sleepless nights worrying about their future.

And when the company dips, you get canned by the board and the team remains.

This job sucks and it’s tough but it’s also the most rewarding I can think of.

When an idea, for a merger, investment or deal builds up in your head, you slowly put it together and it works.

Then you’re able to give your team every resource and build the best possible environment for them to be the best possible versions of themselves, there’s nothing sweeter.

I am happy and honoured to be the CEO of two small start-ups that I founded, Flex Urban and Mazibuko Motor Company, God is Great, have a fantanstic weekend everyone.

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