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And, That’s A Wrap…

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It’s been a short long year. More than anything thing, my emotions are the main thing that took a beating.

I started January with having with the heartbreak that overlapped from December, I had broken up with my ex. By January I would say still in the depression stage.

As I was getting my bearings, I came to the decision to pivot my long-time start-up Flex Urban which I found in 2016. The decision to pivot is documented here. This was the second major change in my year.

Then we hit March. Two major factors in March, I finally hit the full acceptance stage and was over my relationship, Flex Urban Web Services was taking off and things were looking up.

Not to mention that I made the decision that my newly found start-up and life’s mission, Mazibuko Motor Company become a sure thing. We committed fully to it, after months of research and mental preparation of going for something is major.

During this month South Africa had it’s first case of the Corona Virus and towards the end of the month the country went into lockdown.

April, April, April. April was fun, learning about self-driving cars, 3D modeling, and everything on electric cars. I was also investing in markets and made some money for myself as the stocks bounced back from the initial lockdown drop. In April I also starting talking and eventually dating an amazing woman.

May was not as productive as far as MMC goes, but we got into a partnership with E-Mobility Congress of South Africa, this would be where we launch our car and company. Things with Flex Urban were busy and about a quarter of my other time went into the relationship.

June was really a turning point, I was not happy with how things were and the path I was heading. I knew that for a founder of an electric car company would surely have to do more and be more focused. But in one day in mid-June I had a fight with my girlfriend and bestfriend, I still look back to that day and wonder what the hell happened.

Come begin of July my relationship, that sucked. But as this was the second part of the year, my change was in full force, I was lean, I was mean. We starting designing our bakkie, build a team and worked and refined our overall plan.

The blog became a everyday of the week thing and I remained consistent without fail, I cut back on alcohol and other distractions.

August we starting getting contact with VC’s, finished our pitch deck and went out there to get a feel of the industry.

In September we hired an amazing car designer from the UK and got to work. We also starting designing out own EV platform.

October We starting getting into talks with suppliers and partners.

November we announced our company, a teaser of our bakkie and did an exclusive interview with EMCSA. We also starting getting into talks with the biggest contract manufacturer in the world.

December work wise we were officially part of the first open source car project in partnership with major tech and car companies. We also finished our bakkie designs.

But the biggest thing to happen in December and this year was losing my best friend, till now despite seeing him and carry his casket two weeks ago, I’m still struggling to believe that his gone. It’s been tough, almost everything I do is a reminder of him. Rest In Peace Makhathini, I love you brother and will do what I have to.

That’s my year and, it’s a wrap.

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