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Amateurs Complain, Professionals Get It Done.

For the first time in my life I’ve reached a level of consistency I could only dream of.

I used to easily come up with excuses instead of doing the actual work. My mood dictated my output, I never lacked reasons why I couldn’t do something.

Recently I’ve realized that I’ve been approaching my life an amateur, someone who doesn’t know what they doing, not fully dedicated to the cause or understand the extent of my actions.

I finally chose to be a professional, do what needs to be done despite being tired, feeling like chilling and watching one episode of that amazing new series or having a beer and catch up on social media because hey at least I ticked off some items off my to do list.

A professional doesn’t tick some items off the to-do list but all of them don’t put off writing this blog post because he’s been working for 14hours and is feeling drained. Doesn’t fail to show up because he’s still going through some things.

It’s Like Seth Godin said, he may be authentic about how he feels about doing something but at least he’s consistent. A professional is consistent in her work, amateurs complain.

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