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Always Listen to the Market

Entrepreneurs and inventors are always in love and passionate about their product which can sometimes cloud their judgment on whether it’s a good product, service, or invention.

So the best thing to do is to ALWAYS listen to the market.

It doesn’t matter how good of an idea you think you have if the market is not responding to it.

And the best way to judge that is through sales.

When we created the grand plan for Mazibuko Motors, the initial idea was to create this advanced smart electric double cab bakkie for the consumer market.

While that was a great idea what became even more apparent when we went out public with our idea, was the need for a single cab fleet bakkie.

The market didn’t reject the idea of our vehicle but it’s telling us something else with regards to what else we can do.

Sometimes it’s not that your idea needs more marketing or people don’t know about it.

If they not buying, then they don’t want it.

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