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A Matter of When or Never?

Most sportsmen and fans whether they admit it or not, are really superstitious.

And the truth is, the uncertainty of the universe can make you wonder if some things are a matter of when will they happen or if will they ever happen.

Formula 1 George Russell, is super talented(F2 Champion) and quick. Yet he is yet to score a single point in Formula 1 with his current team Williams.

Last year he became a stand-in driver at Mercedes for Formula 1 Champion, Lewis Hamilton. He qualified second but quickly took first and was in a great position to win the race.

As the race went on he kept falling back due to mistakes and problems but he kept fighting to be upfront until but eventually, a slow puncture meant that he would finish 9th and score 3 points(1 coming from getting the fastest lap).

In the past two weeks at the Red Bull Ring, Russell started 8th but mechanical problems meant he had to retire from the race.

Yesterday after started at 8th again and solid throughout the race he was passed by a flying Alonso which left him out of points yet again.

When you look at such stories, you wonder if whether it’s only a matter of time or it just not meant to be.

Entrepreneurs can relate to this story a lot as well, deal falling apart at the last minute, manufacturing problems, VC’s constantly saying no and you just wonder if maybe it’s also not meant to be for you well.

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