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2021: The Year of the Rise of The Dark Knight

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2021 was the year the Dark Knight rose but it happened slowly and gradually.

Most of us view, live, and remember our lives in phases.

Primary, High School, Varsity, Unemployment, Employment, and the loss and gain of someone in our lives.

With me, the 2021 transition into a phase of my life started in December of 2020 when I lost my childhood best friend.

With that new phase in my life then came the career transition.

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that since going public with Mazibuko Motors, things have never been the same.

The work, the pressure, public focus, and more are something new and of a different league.

Not to mention being targeted by every major corporation in the world, that’s fun.

While I had prepared for that change in workload, the loss I didn’t.

And the whole year was about finding my identity, my footing as I turned 30, and what my 30’s might look like.

The whole year was a struggle right until early December when things started falling into place.

The black Bruce Wayne has found himself and the Dark Knight is rising.

If there’s anything about next year, that the world will definitely know this new lean and aligned version of me.

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