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1 000 Simulations or 1? The Mystery of True Love

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Does true love really exist? Is there a written path and are we destined to be with one specific person?

Finding someone usually has to do with a lot of variables within your life and when you take into consideration, the other person then that number really goes up.

Age is a factor along with career choices, people you date before meeting the one. I find myself wondering if any of those variables had yielded a different result, would we still end up with the one?

If both the lives of the two people who end up together had gone through 1 000 simulations where variables could change. Say one person works in a different city or chooses not to go out the day they meet in this reality.

Would they still up together or is it only the 0.001 that matters, the best sim where all variables came together just right to let true love prosper?

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